Alexander D. Lewis

Chief Editor/Staff Photographer/Cinematographer

Alexander has a deep passion for Aviation. This passion, fueled by his own creativity and skills as a Video Editor, gives him the unique ability to “Tell the Story” using video images and energizing music. His work not only transmits information clearly, but entertains as well as inspires, making the viewer 
feel as if “they were there.”

Alexander has produced video pieces for Air Show Productions, International Council of Air Shows, California Capital Air Show, Reno National Championship Air Races, Patriots Jet Demonstration Team, Tim Decker Air Shows, Spencer Suderman Air Shows and Rifle Air Show, to name just a few, as well as produced numerous Aviation “shorts”, like his piece commemorating the Mitchell B-25 Bomber. He has also produced a music video for country artist Aaron Tippon. His California Capital Airshow design was used on the local cover of AT&Ts 2010 Yellow Pages.

His most recent project, featured the Rifle Garfield County Airport which was awarded in 2015 a federal grant by the state of Colorado Department of Transportation and Fire Prevention & Control the title: Colorado Center of Excellence for Advance Technology Aerial Firefighting. 

Alexander has the ability to translate complex concepts and technology, using photography, video, music and a deep passion for Aviation, into visually clear and concise messages that not only entetain, but also inspire the viewer. He takes everything he is passionate about and “Tells the Story”, affecting the viewer emotionally as well as embedding the “message”.




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